Name: Jacob Proctor
Age: 18
Country: United States








Closer Look: Ep. 1 Fighting Sequence

In this new Closer Look series, we won’t be looking at photos, but scenes from television shows and films. This deviates from the norm of Teen Photo, but we believe this might give you guys an opportunity to broaden your views and learn about another medium: cinematography. Motion pictures actually have a lot in common with photography than one might think; they both include aspects such as lighting, composition, saturation, and contrast.

In this first article, we will be taking a look at a fighting sequence from the popular television show Game of Thrones.

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November Photo of the Month Contest Winner: Jacob Proctor


Congratulations to our first Photo of the Month contest winner, Jacob Proctor!

Jacob is an 18 year old photographer from the United States. His photo was taken in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jacob’s photo was not only intriguing with the incorporation of masks and candles, but also exhibited great composition and use of B&W. The Teen Photo staff has chosen this symbolic image to be the winner from the many entries we received from around the world.

We look forward to your submissions for the December contest!
Remember, to enter, please email one photo with your name, age, and country to teenphotoofthemonth@gmail.com (A caption is optional, but recommended!)

An Interview with Mason Smith, Photographer for the Texas Imagemaker Team

Today’s interview is with Mason Smith, a seventeen year old from Dallas, Texas. An artistically gifted student at St. Mark’s School of Texas, Mason conveys the brief, yet significant instances of everyday life through photography. This year, Mason had the honor of receiving an appointment from the Association of Texas Photography Instructors to shoot alongside the state’s top ten adolescent photographers in the Texas Imagemaker Team. He was kind enough to take some time off his busy schedule and talk about his incredible work.

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An Interview with Jim Colton, former Sports Illustrated Photo Editor

This summer I had the chance to attend JCamp, a great program hosted by the Asian-American Journalists’ Association. During my time at Washington DC, I was fortunate enough to attend Jim Colton’s lecture explaining the current state of photography, and what makes a great photo great. When I got back to Austin, I knew I wanted to share some of Jim’s knowledge, wisdom, and experience on Teen Photo.

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