Story Behind the Shot: Wheat Field

Story Behind the Shot

Today’s featured photographer is 16 year-old Kylie Johnston, from Grosse Point, Michigan. Today she’ll give us the story behind one of her photos, as well as tell us a bit about herself.


Welcome to Teen Photographer! Let’s get started. How’d you get into doing photography, and what inspires you to keep at it?I started up photography about 5 or 6 years ago but only started getting really serious about it about 2 years ago. My Uncle, who is a professional photographer for Andrew Marc inspired me when I was younger to start doing photography. I discovered that not only do I love it, but I’m good at it, and that’s why I kept pursuing it, and trying to improve. I love seeing how I get better throughout time through my pictures. I think photography is such a beautiful thing because it captures moments, but you have to have the right eye to do it well.

What kind of photography do you like the most?
I like everything from portraiture to nature to just a cup of coffee. Photos that are simple but interesting at the same time are my favorite.

Tell us a bit about the photo you’ve selected.

I took this photo in a field next to Lake St. Clair. I went with a friend to help me out. The day we went, it was absolutely freezing, but it ended up being worth it in the end. I took the photo as part of a 52 weeks project, where I take a unique self-portrait every week for a year. I’d seen similar photos on FlickR, where the subject is surrounded in plants, but the subject still stands out. That was the inspiration behind the photo.

I brought a few changes of clothes to the location to see what would go best with my surroundings. I set up my Canon 60D on a tripod, and used a remote and self-timer to take the photo. I tried a few different poses, and decided that it’d be most interesting for it to look as if I was looking at something out of frame. My goal was for the shot to be somewhat simple, but also interesting.

Thanks for your time, Kylie! 

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