Life Through a Marble: The Photography of Caleb Tenenbaum

Caleb Tenenbaum from New Jersey, USA, aged 16 only got his first camera about a year ago and has already been recognized in photo contests and had work put in newspapers and blogs.
He states that right now photography is only a hobby to him but certainly wants to take it further. In 2011 he says that he will be taking a photography course to start perfecting his photography.
His most popular images are his ‘Life Through A Marble” images in which he takes pictures through a small marble. Check them out!

7 thoughts on “Life Through a Marble: The Photography of Caleb Tenenbaum”

  1. Wow… your photos are unbelievable. Really inspiring.
    It’s nice to see that there other people out there who are my age & see the world from a different perspective.

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