Rob Woodcox

Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Rob Woodcox currently 21 years old seeking great adventure and world change through his photography. He calls himself a downright people lover and dreamer.

1) Where are you from?

I am from Texas but grew up in Michigan, I still always like to include Texas just because I love it there so much and a lot of my family is from there.

2) Does the place you live in inspire you in your photography?

Michigan does indeed inspire me quite a bit with my photography, although I dream of doing more work out west quite a bit. But for now I find a lot of beauty in the fields and forests of Michigan. I also love shooting in the mixed settings Detroit has to offer, as they are like nowhere else in the world. A lot of the urban decay and also urban beauty that still remains offer unmatched potential for photos.


3) What inspires you most in your photography?

I think imagining the wonder of God and Heaven are the first and foremost things that inspire me in my photography. God is the original creator of amazing stories. Also, I think the character of each unique person I work with inspires me in photography. My mind is always creating new stories about everything I encounter and so when I meet people, they become part of the story. Its fun to portray them in unique ways!

4) Do you keep a sort of book with all your ideas in them?

Absolutely! I really have a hard time remembering everything, and after forgetting many ideas that I was really excited to shoot I started an idea journal. I also have a doc on my computer that I save ideas to. I have found it is a must!


5) How did you come up with the idea for ‘Window Lust’, one of your most commented images.

I suppose I came up with the idea in ‘Window Lust’ from a variety of inspirations. It began with exploring during foggy mornings. In Michigan we get a lot of fog in the autumn mornings, and I love the dreamy effect it gives to photos. I found the location for the shot actually the day before shooting it while out exploring for a different shoot. The spot just stunned me and I knew I had to do something there. I think some shots I had seen before of living rooms set up in beautiful landscapes made me think to use this old window I had as a sort of portal to a dream world. I am a firm believer that we must seize our dreams to fulfill the best life possible and to make the most positive impact on the world! From shots like this I would encourage other people to always be open to inspiration from others and also to always scout out locations, you’ll get much better results that way!

6) When you edit, do you edit a lot or do prefer keeping it straight out of the camera (SOOC)?

I prefer getting the most I can IN camera. But of course there is always some Photoshop editing to be done on shots where things are floating. On this shot I did have to do some compositing and some atmosphere adjustments, like I played with the contrast and brightness a bit, but as far as her standing there and the overall feeling of the light, those are pretty true to reality! Some of my shots are SOOC aside from minor adjustments but it just depends on the shot.


7) Do you have a lot of help from people around you?

Absolutely! I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I do without a whole team of supporters and friends that always have my back! I have always been a believer in team work, and I could never take full credit for what I’ve been able to accomplish, my friends and family are so much more than I could ever ask for!


8) Would you say that your family is supportive of your photography?

Yes, my family is very supportive of my photography. If it weren’t for my parents helping me to go to school and buy my equipment, you wouldn’t be interviewing me today!


9) How did you become interested in photography?

I think my basic playing around with a point and shoot with friends in high school triggered my initial interest in photography, I just liked documenting all my experiences. Through college and just being adventurous, my imagination started taking more shape in my photos!


10) Do you think the 52 week project has helped you in your photography?

100%, the 52 week project has helped me in my photography! For those that don’t know, I participate in a 52 week project (1 self portrait a week for a year) with 9 other photographers around the world. I have learned so much about how to instruct others in front of the lens from making myself the subject. I also just wanted to be more creative with each photo I took, so I think the project really exploded my creativity level to a much better place! I actually fell behind a bit from having too much school work and client work on my hands, but I intend to finish the remaining themes of photos!


11) What made you want to do the 52 week project with the group Teleidoscope?

Honestly I wanted to do the 52 week project to grow as a photographer, even though that sounds cliché. I also loved the idea of being in harmony with other creatives the entire time and seeing how we’d all interpret the same ideas each week. I truly made some friends through the process and I couldn’t be more thankful!

12) What age did you start photography?

I have always taken pictures with disposable and point and shoot cameras since I can remember, but I never focused on it seriously until the fall of 2009. Since then I’d say I have come a long way.


13) How and why did you start photography?

I decided to focus on photography because I just love being creative and wanted to turn that into an expression to the world. I also love people which is why I have been mainly focused on portraiture! I believe we all have a passion inside of us that can change the world, and I want the art I create to inspire and change other people!


14) What are your future ambitions?

Like I said, I want to change the world, and I believe many of you reading this already are. We all have a choice to be positive or negative impacts on the world, and any positive movements we make are going to be for the better of everyone! I would love to reach a place where even more people are able to gain inspiration from my work and know the positive meanings behind it, and therefore one of my ambitions would be to start a globally reaching magazine that is focused on benefitting charities that help people. Whether confronting the issues of poverty, sex trafficking, racial barriers or any others, I want to make human issues known to the masses, and also provide inspiration on how to combat these issues.


15) Where do you see yourself in 10-15 years time?

I honestly cannot say, I live each day at a time and try to focus on where God wants me to be. I am very open to all sorts of possible opportunities so even if I plan on being somewhere specific next summer, I could end up doing something totally different. I do at least think I’ll have a family of my own by then though, and be established in my career. I just know I will probably be somewhere completely different than where I am now, it is in my nature to always be growing and changing!


16) What is your dream job?

I guess my dream job would be something like Annie Liebovitz’ job… it does not really have a title but she can basically photograph anyone, anywhere, at any time. That is what I’d like to be able to do! 


Images: All rights reserved Rob Woodcox

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